Sunday, October 13, 2013

Webcam Feed

A Slight choppiness disrupted the video stream, indicating the inferior quality of the equipment. Dimly lit, the basement featured a sole piece of furniture, a sturdy wooden table. Deeply grooved and stained red, the table was held only a piece of rope and three severed fingers.

Behind the table, I could make out the edges of a figure tied to a chair. Faint crying suggested the person was likely male, probably gagged. Despite the poor lighting, I could make the right leg of the jeans the person was wearing. Caked layers of dried blood staining the faded denim meant that he had witnessed everything. I could only imagine if he was wondering when the same would happen to him. To demoralize him further, a small pocket knife had been left out of his reach on the floor.

Everything was as I left it.

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