Tuesday, October 8, 2013

They Always Forget the Pickles

A certain resignation fills my soul when I must order fast food. No matter the chain, food in the order, or continent I am currently on, my order will always be wrong. I'll get the wrong drink, have mustard when I had requested none, or never get the requisite number of pickles.
There's a Monster Burger a few blocks from my place that is better than most. Instead of completely butchering my order they just always forget the pickles. At least, they had never been too far wrong, until today.
Judging by the contents, they gave me someone else's order. Fries instead of onion rings, a small cheeseburger instead of my Double Monster Burger, and an unordered large mystery item wrapped in paper, and leaking what appeared to be ketchup, greeted me upon opening the bag. Revulsion struck halfway through unwrapping the paper around the unknown "delicacy", forcing me to drop it on the floor with a wet thud.
What kind of freak would order a human heart?

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